Multi-talented comedian Marty Pollio - a fine corporate choice.  His mix of high energy physical comedy and his dry wit makes for a show that runs the gamut of hilarity.

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Hello, I'm Marty Pollio (aka Marty Polio, for people who guess at the spelling). Welcome to my electronic portfolio.

This is really exciting stuff, let's face it, there's nothing more compelling than the web. The only thing that would make this better is if the pictures moved freely and there was no downloading ...oh wait, that's called TV. Well, let's do what we can with what we have.

Looking to hire a comedian for a special event? I am a clean corporate comedian and I don't say that because of the important keywords to attract search engine hits. If I were to do something like that, I would have mentioned Kim Kardashian, iPhone4s and Jim Neighbors (to cover all bases).

Anyway, I place these pages here as an online brochure. It's not just about me though, I've included some helpful and interesting links for humor, computers, comedy clubs, independent filmmaking and my own Italian recipes.

Click on one of my filing cabinet titles at the top of this page and take a look around.

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