Green Beans with Olive Oil and Pinenuts
(side dish)

This is quite good and very easy. I personally prefer the beans to be burnt, but I don't want to scare you away ...cook them however you like them.


* Fresh Green beans (either pole beans or string beans)
* Olive oil
* Red Pepper Flakes
* Pinnolis (Pine Nuts)
* Salt to taste. Pepper to taste.

Check the texture of the beans you have, if they seem tough, you should string them first.

Now, cover the bottom of a large pot with olive oil and sauté the beans along with just a bit of water to get a little steam going. Add salt and pepper and a cautious amount of red pepper flakes ...and don't be afraid of the salt. Cover the pan and let the beans cook for a while. When you think there is about 5 minutes left, throw in a sprinkling of pine nuts so they are a bit brown by the time everything is finished.

You can serve with Romano cheese sprinkled on top... or not - your call.

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