Green Beans with Garlic and Oil
(Side Dish)

Green beans are so good for you, and this is an easy dish, so make hear me?...make it! Don't be a lazy no-good-er like your brother (my mom's recipes are more authentic if I give them to you the same way she gives 'em to me).

This recipe is almost too easy to even bother posting on this page, but the bottom line is that it's really tasty, so let's do it.

First of all, it doesn't matter how many beans you use, just ration your garlic according to whatever amount you are cooking.


* Fresh Green beans (either pole beans or string beans)
* Olive oil
* Garlic (chopped)
* Salt to taste. Pepper to taste.
* Romano Cheese

Before you begin, I would suggest stringing the beans, no matter what type they are. Now, cover the bottom of a large pot with olive oil and sautee the garlic. Do not fry it until it turns brown because it will get bitter.
Fill the pot with enough water to be able to cook the beans...or you can cook the beans separately by steaming them, but please make sure they are cooked and not too crunchy or this just isn't going to taste right.
Add salt and pepper while you are cooking...and don't be so afraid of the salt.
The final product should not have that much water in it, but rather a generous coating of olive oil mixed with just a bit of water
When served, sprinkle liberally with Romano cheese.

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