A Filling and Very Satisfying Dish

First of all, let’s get this straight, even though I brag on each one of my recipes, it’s a very realistic sense of pride I have in them. I’m not going to steer you wrong, I’m giving you the same good old fashioned cooking advice that your dear ole’ grandma would give you, only I keep my teeth in my head.
Okay look, this is an unbelievably good dish, it’s probably the best one I make. I didn’t invent the fritatta, it's been around forever, I just personalized the old standard. The thing that is great about it too, is that it’s so versatile - you can serve it as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even though it’s and omelet, it makes a great supper because it is very filling and has loads of flavor it also has the veggies built in. As with last month’s recipe, EVERYBODY loves this dish!

Serves two

*Olive Oil
*4 eggs
*Romano Cheese
*1 bunch of fresh spinach
*Sauce Base (refer to last month's recipe near the bottom of this page)

You will first have to sautee the spinach. Wash the spinach very well, even if it’s the supposed "pre-washed" kind that you buy in a bag. I also suggest removing the stems.
Use some of the sauce-base that is last month's recipe (refer to the hyperlink near the bottom of this page), and use about 2/4 a cup of it. Let it get hot in your skillet/sautee pan,then add the spinach and cover - stir occasionally until it has becomes cooked. This is a versatile vegetable dish that can also be used as a filling for other bigger dishes. I will describe those other dishes in the next two months. Now, as you scramble your eggs, add the grated Romano cheese, and keep scrambling.
The Romano (not Parmasan) is the secret ingredient to this dish it is an absolute necessity.
Put the sauteed spinach mixture in a bowl, so you can now use your skillet for the eggs.
Cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil, and pour the eggs into it. Low heat is best at this point. As the eggs cook, you should push the uncooked portion out to the edges with your spatula. This viewable area of the eggs is always going to look somewhat uncooked, don’t worry about it, you will know the right time to add your spinach mixture on top of these eggs. It’s not easy to fold this many eggs, so cut this pie in half while cooking and fold over one half at a time. When you finally put it on your plate, make sure that you make to most out of the juices pour over the top, whatever oil and sauce is available. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s too, too delicious.

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