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To start this page off with my characteristic, uplifting sparkle, here are
some of my thoughts about the internet.


This utility will optimize and defragment your available system ram on all 32 bit Windows systems.

GIF Construction Kit
Windows software that creates animated GIFs

Powerstrip Utility
Windows utility - works in conjunction with your display driver
and graphics hardware. Great for gamers.

Microsoft Directx Download Site
Directx is a must for gamers

Word Web Dictionary
Free dictionary for Windows
Now you don't have to open up your
word processor to look up a word.

Zone Labs
Free firewall program. I use it and like it.

Freeware Home
Not only free stuff, but amazingly good stuff.

A Few Nifty Programs
I like this guy's site.

Mac Downloads
A very good Mac shareware download page
Mac & PC programs


Animated Gifs on the www
Free animated gifs.

Excellent independent font designer Ethan Dunham
selling his wares inexpensively over the Web.

Letraset's Font Page
Fonts O'Plenty

Redsun Homepage:
Tons of Fonts

Photoshop Tips & Tutorials
From Photoshop Gurus

HP Learning Center
Free software courses online - good deal!


Anandtech Hardware & Software Reviews
Anand is a teenager that posseses a skill of writing that is quite brilliant.
His reviews are very easy to read and understand if you're
a novice, yet informative for even the experts.

Tom's Hardware Reviews
This a another terrific page. Extensive list of reviewed hardware.
Hardware used to be my weakest subject, but I've learned so much
from the material at this, and Anand's site.

Tweak Town
This is similar to the sites above, but seems to cover more areas.

PC Mechanic
Features a dozen or so basic guides for the various areas of your computer.
Step by step how-to articles.

PC Builder Guide
Illustrated step-by-step guide to building your
own PIII or Celeron based PC.
Good driver source.
Another good and free driver site.
Nice place for drivers, but it's become a membership site..

A good place to find obscure drivers.
In the Login box, type "drivers" and in the password box, type "all"
(without quotation marks).

Motherboard Information
Manuals, specs, and manufacturer's websites

Hardware Manuals
Online manufacturer manuals for hardware components:
modems, hard drives, CDROMS, controller cards, etc.

Updates, drivers, tips & tricks, etc.

Windows Annoyances
Tech-tips on how to deal with Windows' most aggrivating features.

The best hardware prices on the internet

Great deals that change daily.

Intel Updates
Patches, updates and downloads Intel products



People Finders
Find anyone who's ever paid taxes.
37 Search Pages in one.


All of the following are free

Browser Shots
Check your to see what your web site looks like in all the different browsers.

ISP Check
Searching for a faster internet service or a place to host your web site?
This site lists over 12000 service plans from 3500 providers.

Idiot's Guide to making a Homepage
For beginners, an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to setting up
your own homepage which includes example HTML code.

Color Schemer Online
Confused about what colors go with your logo?
ColorSchemer will display up to 15 colors that complement one another.

HTML Reference Manual





Gibson Research
Wondering how secure your computer is?
Go to this Gibson Research page and click the button that says "Test My Sheilds!"

Dr. Watson
Another web site analyzer. Type in the address of your site and it will give you all kinds of useful info.

Boost Ware
Another small, simple site with some useful tools.

What Is
Oodles of catagories - definitions and information ...very nice.

How Stuff Works
Much more than just computer info. Annoying pop-ups, but a very informative and interesting site.

Free Online Encyclopedia
This doesn't have anything to do with computers but I just thought I would put it here anyway.

Computer User Digest
Boring. Don't click on this.


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