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Obviously there are a lot more clubs than this out there, but I'm too lazy to search for them all. If I have failed to include your club please let me know and I'll update this list.

Acme Comedy Club, Minneapolis
Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, Ann Arbor, MI
Bonkerz Comedy Club, 6 Locations
Capitol City Comedy Club, Austin, TX
Caroline's Comedy Club, New York

Bogey's Comedy Club, Clevland area
Charlie Goodnight's, Raleigh, NC

Chuckle Club, London
Cobb's Comedy Club, San Francisco
Comedy Zone, Jacksonville, FL
Comedy Caravan, Louisville
Comedy Castle, Detroit
Comedy Catch, Chattanooga
Comedy Cellar
Comedy Club, Denmark
Comedy Club at the Stardome, Birmingham, AL
Comedy Club on State, Madison, WI
The Comedy Connection, Boston, MA
Comedy Off Broadway, Lexington, KY
Comedy Factory Outlet, Baltimore
Comedy Soap Box - 3 Locations, NY, NY
Comic Strip, Manhattan
Comedy & Magic Club, Hermosa Beach, CA
Comedy Sportz, Rock Island, IL
Comedy Sportz, Rock Island, IL
Comedy Spot, Scottsdale, AZ
Comedy Store, London
Comedy Store, Hollywood
Comedy Underground, Seattle
Comedy Works, Albany, NY
Comedy Works, Denver, CO
Comedy Zone - 20 clubs, but this one from Harrisburg, PA
is the only one with a decent web site.
Comedy Zoo, Copenhagen, Denmark
Comix Cafe, Buffalo & Rochester, NY
Cozzy's Comedy Club, Newport News, Virginia
Crakers Comedy Club, Indianapolis, IN
Dangerfield's, Manhattan
Dells Comedy Club, Wisconsin Dells
Funny Bone, Columbus, OH
Funny Bone, Des Moines
Funny Bone, Indianapolis
Funny Bone, Little Rock, AR
Funny Bone, Omaha
Funny Bone, Pittsburgh
Funny Bone, Shreveport, LA
Funny Bone, South Bend

Funny Farm, Youngstown, OH
Funny Farm, Broadalbin, NY
Get Serious, Sunderland, UK
Giggle's Comedy Club chain
Giggle's Comedy Club, Saugus, Mass
Giggle's Comedy Club, Seattle, WA
Go Bananas Comedy Club, Cincinnati
Gotham Comedy Club, Manhattan
Governor's Comedy Cabaret, Long Island, NY
Ha Comedy Club, New York, NY
Ha Ha Cafe, North Hollywood, CA
Harvey's Comedy Club, Portland, OR
Hermosa Comedy and Magic Club, Hermosa Beach, CA
Hilarities, Cleveland, OH
Hilarities Comedy Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The Highlight Club, Camden, London, UK
The Highlight Club, Battersea, London, UK
The Highlight Club, Watford, UK
The Highlight Club, Portsmouth, UK

The Highlight Club, Reading, UK
The Highlight Club, Leicester, UK

The Highlight Club, Leeds, UK

The Highlight Club, Birmingham, UK
The Highlight Club, Glasgow, UK
The Highlight Club, Edinburgh, UK
Hot Comedy, San Antonio, TX - Austin, TX & Tulsa, OK

Ice House, Pasadena, CA
Improv Comedy Clubs, Multiple Cities
Joey's Comedy Club, Livonia, MI

Jokers Comedy Cafe, Dayton, OH

Jokers Comedy Club, Omaha, NE
Jokemavens Comedy Club, Methuen, Mass
Jongleurs, London, UK
JR's Last Laugh, Erie, PA

Jukebox Comedy Club, Peoria, IL
Komik Cafeen, Denmark
Laffs, Albuquerque, NM

Laffs, Tucson, AZ
LaffSPOT, Huston, TX
Laffstop, Houston, TX
Last Laugh, Melbourne, Australia
Laugh Garage, Sydney, Australia
Laughing Bear Comedy Club, Kalispell, Montana
Laughing Horse Comedy, London, UK
LaughingSkull, Atlanta

Laugh Lounge, NYC
Laugh Stock Comedy Club, Ft. Meyers, FL
Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento, CA
Loonie Bin Comedy Club, Little Rock, AK
Loonie Bin Comedy Club, Oklahoma City, OK
Loonies Comedy Club, Colorado Springs, CO
Morty's Comedy Club, Indianapolis
New York Comedy Club, Manhattan
Nitwits, Sioux Falls, SD
One Liners, Indy
Pear Shaped Comedy Clubs, London & Sydney Australia
Penguin's Comedy Club, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Penguin's Comedy Club, Bettindorf, Iowa
Pepperbelly's, Fairfield, CA
Punchlines, San Francisco
Punchline, Atlanta, GA
Radio Music Theatre, Houston, TX
Rascals Comedy Clubs, Multiple Cities
Rawhide Comedy Club, Liverpool, UK
River Center Comedy Club, San Antonio, TX
Rooster T. Feathers, Sunnyvale, CA
Screwballz Comedy Club, Fresno
Sidesplitter's Comedy Club, Tampa, FL
Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton, WI

Snickerz Comedy Clut, Ft. Wayne, IN
Stand Up Comedy Showcase, Las Cruces, NM
Stress Facotory, New Brunswick, NJ
Stevie Ray's Comedy Cabaret, Minneapolis, MN
Tangier Comedy Cabaret, Akron, OH
Tokyo Comedy Club, Japan
Tommy T's Comedy Club
Unscrewed Comedy, Tucson, AZ
Yuk Yuk's Komedy Kabaret, Canada (Main Page)
Wiley's Comedy Club, Dayton, OH
Wiseguys Comedy Clubs, 3 Locations
Wise Guy's Comedy Club, Kansas City, MO
Wits End Comedy Club, Denver, CO
Zanies Comedy Club, Vernon Hills, IL
Zanies Comedy Club, Nashville
Zanies Comedy Club, St. Charles, IL
Zanies Comedy Club, Chicago, IL


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