(Snack or Side Dish)

This recipe is not really a recipe, but it's still nontheless, tasty. I feel this dish is significant because every kid I've ever talked into trying it, has ended up liking it. My two year old loves it, and he doesn't like anything. Anytime you can get a child to eat a vegetable you should feel a sense of accomplishment, especially broccoli because to a kid, it looks like a nothing more than a small tree.



* 1/2 Bunch of Broccoli
* Olive Oil
* Grated Romano Cheese

Cut the broccoli into sections that will fry fairly quickly.
Cover the bottom of a frying pan with olive oil and place over a medium-low temp burner.
Place the broccoli into the skillet and cover with either a lid or aluminum foil, for a little while. Fry them like this and turn frequently until they start to brown.
I prefer to make them very brown and somewhat crispy before I take them out of the pan. Yes, they are going to be over-cooked, but so what?..they taste good. Let the oil drain when removing from the pan, and place them on a dish with a few layers of paper towels underneath. Take more paper towels and press on the top of the pile so this paper soaks up the remainder of the oil.
Sprinkle with Romano cheese.

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