(Cold Salad)

I'm not usually one to talk about the nutritious qualities of the foods I prepare, but beets are incredibly good for you, providing you with probably more iron than you would ever need, and uhhh, other stuff too. Not many people pay attention to beets. They're usually not anybody's favorite. It's a very under-appreciated vegetable, and if they were conscious, they would more than likely be very angry. I would like to do justice to these redheaded stepchildren and grace you with a delicious way of eating them. This is a cold, salad type dish, by the way.



* 1 Bunch of Fresh Beets
* Olive Oil
* Red Wine Vinegar
* Red Onion (optional)

Cut the greens off of the beets and wash both the greens and the beets in water.
Cook the beets in a pot of water, making sure the water level covers the beets.
Remove the stems from the greens and add them to the pot (this is optional, but I tell ya, these beet greens are deeelicious).
When the beets are finished cooking, run cold water on them and remove the outer skins ...these skins will just rub off as long as the beets are still warm.
Cut each one in half and slice them. Put them into a small Tupperware bowl.
Thinly slice a bit of red onion, if desired and add to bowl.
Add the greens too.
Add just a bit of the water in which they were cooked.
Add olive oil and wine vinegar to taste.
Add a little black pepper.
Chill in refrigerator.

If anybody does try this one, I will get thank you letters. I know I will, I just know it.

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