This is without question, my favorite dish that my mother sister Maria's favorite too.
Most recipes for this dish call for breading the slices of eggplant. My mom has never done that to hers, and they are intensely wonderful.



* Olive Oil
* salt
* 2 regular sized eggplant
* sauce base (see prior recipes at bottom)
* Romano cheese
* fresh basil (optional)

First you have to slice the eggplant (into round disks). Personally, I cut most of the skin off of them, but I suppose that is a personal preference. Now you must drain them. Make a layer of these slices on a plate and sprinkle salt on them, then lay another layer of slices on top of the bottom layer, and salt them. Keep doing this until all of your eggplant is stacked and ready to drain. Sit a plate on top of these stacks, and something with a little weight to it on top of the plate - a pot, a phone book or even an iron will do just fine. They have to drain for two hours or more. If you haven't left the house to do other things, drain the water out of the bottom plate every once in a while.

Now you are going to fry the slices in olive oil. I would suggest using a Teflon coated pan, because you can get away with using less oil... eggplant tends to soak up the oil like a sponge. You will have to stand over them, which is the hardest part because they shouldn't be cooked quickly. Once they are thoroughly cooked and brown on both sides, lay them on some paper towels and pat some of the oil out of them.

You are now ready to ladle on the most important ingredient, the sauce. Cover with Romano cheese, and you will have the most incredibly delicious dish in the history of time. Lay some slices on top of your pasta ...mmm.

Here's the bonus kicker - pull them out of the fridge the next day and make a cold sandwich. Use soft bread and heavily skim the bread with sauce before you lay the slices on it. You won't believe how good this is!

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