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Comedy Links:

The Onion
Online newspaper that is consistantly smart and funny.

If I had thought of this site, I would feel a sense of accomplishment that would satisfy me the rest of my life.

John Fanzine
A funky and fun site that leaves most others of its ilk in the shade.

Stupid Web Site
I wish I would have thought of having a site like this.

T-Shirt Hell
If you can wear one of these shirts to work,
then I bet I can guess what tax braket you're in.

The Butt Page
For those of us who carry all of our tension in our asses,
this is not necessarily funny, but it's at least interesting.

Comedy Central Online
TV listings and a lot more.

Funny or Die
My favorite web video site.


These are some really funny articles and lists that have celebrated wide circulation way back in the 90's ...so hopefully they'll seem fresh. I'd love to take credit for writing any one of them, but I can't. Be sure to check out Wife 1.0, as well as the Existential Cookbook.

The Last 10 Things The Other Sex Would Ever Say
Well, they may say them, but not to each other.

Signs You Are Getting Old
Another sign would be if these aren't that funny to you.

Bumper Stickers
Of the "Visualize Whirrled Peas" variety.

Newspaper Headlines
These were probably taken from the Leno Show.

Wife 1.0
Women Are From Adobe, Men Are From Corel

Unlikely Children's Books
My father would have recommended most of these.

Deep Thoughts
I think these are from Saturday Night Live

Husband 1.0
...and now one FOR the ladies.

One Liners
I recognize a lot of these from comic's acts.

More One Liners

A Healthy Level of Insanity in the Workplace
....As if I know anything about a workplace.

Scientific Translations
C'mon, let's face it, everybody's faking it.

The Cynic's Dictionary
A reference book for us common, ordinary, jaded, hardened folk.

Courtroom Bloopers
My tribute to all the hack lawyers out there.

Darwin Award
I heard this story years ago, and for some reason, always believed it.

If Microsoft Headquarters Were In Alabama
Shouldn't there be a politically correct version of this for San Francisco...or Seattle.

Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
Finally, one that has a writing credit attached to it!

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