This is about as easy and fast as it gets. I love things like this - very little work, yet huge payoff.


* Olive Oil
* 1 Large Clove of Garlic
* 1 Can of Minced Clams
* Slab of Butter (optional)
* Splash of White Wine (optional)
* Salt, Black Pepper and a Red Pepper Flakes
* Parsley
* Linguini or Angel Hair Pasta
* Shaved Parmasan


Finely chop a half a handful of parsley, and slice (or chop) the large clove a garlic.

Heat a liberal amount of olive oil in bottom of large skillet, use a low-medium heat setting. Add the garlic - do not let the garlic burn.

When the garlic is sautéed properly, add the can of minced clams and the juice from the can.
Add salt (the clam juice is somewhat salty, so be careful), lots of black pepper and a very sprinkling of red pepper flakes.
Add a slice of butter and white wine (these two are optional, but they do add flavor)
Add parsley last.

I suggest trying to find a linguini that is rather thin (Di Cecco brand is a good one), Capellini is also an adequate choice for this dish. Lately, I've been using Barilla Protein angle hair because it's thin, but stays firm. As always, be sure to salt your pasta water and don't overcook it.

When the pasta is done put it in a bowl, then ladle the sauce over it. Add the spinach around the edge of the bowl, then mushrooms on top of that.

Some say that it's not right to put cheese on a seafood dish, but personally, I like shaved parmasan on this one.

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