Marty Pollio has been killin ‘em for more than three decades. This seasoned pro is a multitalented, and extremely versatile performer who incorporates standup comedy, juggling, and physical-comedy tightly choreographed into one cohesive, mesmerizing act that has been a favorite of television shows and corporate buyers alike.

Having grown up the son of a racketeer in Louisville Kentucky, one of Marty's high school jobs was delivering the "gifts" to the local cops and judges. With that in mind, it makes sense he became the black sheep of the family for becoming a comedian. A
fter moving to Los Angeles, Marty amassed credits that include multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, (even one of Johnny’s New Year’s Eve Specials!), as well as being on the show with Jay Leno. Jerry Lewis invited Marty to be on his annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, and Penn and Teller had him on their "Sin City Spectacular" taped in Las Vegas (Marty's magic spoof is a favorite among his peers). He has also been an actor in mainstream and independend films, and has had recurring roles on many national television shows and sitcoms.

Because his high-energy physical pieces are performed to music, Marty has had the opportunity to perform all over the world, everywhere from USO shows held in tents near the Iraqi border, to European television programs. Over the years he has appeared in concert with such notables as Ray Charles, Robin Williams and BB King. As a nationally known talent, he was chosen to be a special robotic movement instructor for a series of Pepsi commercials, as well as the movement coach for Tony Award winning company - National Theater of the Deaf

Marty has felt a profound comfort in the world of corporate entertainment. Due to the nature of his act, the corporate market has been a welcome relief from club work as a comedian ...whereas normally comics have a hard time making the transition into it. His shows have been a huge success performing for companies like Coca Cola, the NBA and People Magazine, as well as smaller businesses all over the country.

Marty is an avid basketball fan (and player), videographer, and computer geek. His hobbies include making web pages like this one, and writing about himself in third person.

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